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Some, not all, considerations from my time working FULL TIME in a gym for the last 10+ years:

  • Care when you do not get credit for caring.
  • You should have a push up on the floor. It’s pride. Take ownership. If you don’t, do it every single day until you do. You’ll feel amazing.
  • You should have a pull up after approx 2 years of CrossFit. If you don’t, do it every other day until you do. Things that could be holding you back: Body weight, range of motion (stiff), strength. Where do you land? What are you aggressively doing about it?
    • You do not have to know how to structure this, coaches can help, but you do need to do the work with no excuses. Being weak isn’t cool or helpful in life. Being strong is.If you need to lose weight or lock it in with nutrition try going to your fridge/cupboard and throwing out the stuff you KNOW you are likely to eat that you KNOW is bad for you. Then, do not buy it again when you’re at the grocery store. Continue this until you are at a healthy body weight.
    • Nutrition ->  tatianaarmero@crossfitstreets.
    • Physio/Range of Motion -> Book an assessment with Ramesh through ->
    • Private Training with one of your coaches -> Business a cards are at the front.
    • Hard work -> That is on you.
  • CrossFit is not competitive. Being healthy, well and fit is competitive and you are competing with YOURSELF, every single day of your life and it will not stop. Wrap your head around that.
  • Change your attitude with gratitude. Living in Canada: our worst days are still better then the best of others in the world.
  • Be open to change. Then, take action (vs talking about it) on the change you want to make. Stop wasting your time. Do it now.
  • Fast (short term pause on consumption): perhaps from food, perhaps from friends, perhaps from work, perhaps from social media. Eliminate them for a 16-48 hour period. Then return.
  • You can probably work harder in some or all areas of your life. There is likely a little more you can give in terms of effort, focus, attention, then a little more, then more… Build up that threshold by challenging yourself. Let someone else evaluate your effort. Use logic, metrics and reflection to evaluate your effort.
  • Do stuff that scares you. Daily, or at last often. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. It’s good for your soul.
  • Be kind to your circle. Show support, but not coddling, show encouragement, but not cheer leading. Be kind, but be fair, honest and authentic. When my workout buddy says they are tired, sore or whatever -> shut up, we are working out today. The end result or the content of that workout doesn’t matter, but we are working out. Find people in your life that push you to be better in all areas, that call you out and that care about you and celebrate the good stuff.
  • Worry less about what hard work looks like (spoiler alert: it looks ugly). It also looks like a success in on the horizon, and that looks beautiful.

That’s it for now. I ask that you SHARE THIS with someone who you think it will help.

Love Coach Dan