Crossfit Streets

Friday April 11/14

A) Turkish Get up 5 by 3 per side
B) 10 min AMRAP
1 – 5 unbroken Hang Squat Clean ladder @ 155/105

**Lisa and I are on our way to Arizona this morning.  We are getting the chance to train at James FitzGerald’s Gym (the first CrossFit Games winner), as well as some time by the pool of course. We are pretty excited and we hope everyone has a great week.  See you on Monday the 21st.

**We are moving to a “Sign Up” process for all classes starting today. Please enroll in advance and sign in upon arrival. We want to make sure we are better able to provide support trainers, additional class times and quality services for the times that are consistently high traffic times and having everyone sign into classes before-hand will allow us to do this for our members. You can sign up as far in advance as you’d like. If you know you’ll always be at the 6pm class then sign up ahead of time…if not you can always sign up the day of.  Due to 6am classes being relatively quiet right now, it is particularly important that any members wishing to do the morning classes sign in before 10pm the night prior. Just remember if you are pre-registered for a class and can’t make it to log in quickly to cancel yourself out of the class.  Thank you.

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