Crossfit Streets

Here’s a guide to get you started if you’re thinking about trying CrossFit training with CrossFit Streets.

Before you go any further, give yourself a round of applause for taking this step. It’s not easy for anyone to decide to follow through on their fitness goals, so congratulations on making those initial moves!

Your first step is to start with a discovery session:

So, since you’ve figured you’ll give our Box a shot for CrossFit training, here’s a look at the different classes, courses and programs we offer:

  • CrossFit Classes: CrossFit classes for everyone, regardless of fitness experience or whatever shape you think you’re in.
  • Open Gym: The DIY workout. No coaching, just you and your routine.
  • Trial: Still not ready to financially commit? Here’s a chance for you and your family to try us for a workout together.
  • After-School Athlete: After-school CrossFit training for male and female athletes aged 11-14.
    15 and older (if they show proper movement quality) are able to do regular classes
  • Personal Training: Workouts geared towards your specific goals and needs.
  • On-Ramp (Intro Program): An introductory program for new members to see and learn what our CrossFit classes are like.
  • Hockey Training: Fitness training specifically for hockey players (although all athletes are welcome).
  • Team Training: Train together as a group.
  • CrossFit Games Sectionals: Come out and try new workouts each week, distributed by CrossFit HQ.

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Now for an intro to our gym, our staff, and what we do differently.

Training with CrossFit Streets means training in a non-traditional gym. What exactly do we mean by that?

  • Everyone – everyone – is welcome. We’re an open fitness community that welcomes everyone, and all you need to train in CrossFit is a great attitude, not a great body (that part comes later!).
  • We’ve got a highly educated training staff: All of our team members are extremely well-versed in fitness and hold at least 6 certifications each.
  • We care about cleanliness. We make a point of keeping our facility extremely clean and tidy, with high standards of hygiene so everyone can enjoy their workout.

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