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Pricing that won’t break the bank

We price our community fees as competitively as possible. We don’t want the financial commitment to be the factor that stops you from reaching your fitness goals. Below you can find our current rates. Keep in mind that as our community grows and the time commitment required of each trainer increases, so might the costs associated with membership. The price you see below is the best price we can offer at the moment.


3 month unlimited

$200 CAD per month + tax

Stop by for an Open Gym or join a CrossFit class anytime you like. You’re now a member for 3 Unlimited Months!

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6 month unlimited

$180 CAD per month + tax

Commit to six months with us and receive a $20 discount per month ($120 over a 6 month period)

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12 month unlimited

$160 CAD per month + tax

Save an additional $20 per month. This saves you $480 over the course of your membership vs. recurring 3 month passes

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On-Ramp (Intro Program)

$265 CAD + tax

An introductory program for new members to see and learn what our CrossFit classes are like. Learn more here

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Open Gym

$80 CAD per month + tax

Time for you to do whatever you like in the gym without a coach

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Trial Class

$20 CAD + tax

We want to help you make the right decision, so we offer a Trial Class on Tuesdays at 6pm to any potential new clients. Learn more here

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Private training

$60-$70 CAD per session + tax

Our trainers evaluate your specific needs and discuss some of the techniques that might be used to help you achieve your goals

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After School Athlete

$120 CAD per month + tax

After school CrossFit classes for male and female athletes aged 11-14. 15 and older (if they show proper movement quality) are able to do regular classes

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Summer Hockey Program

$1,100 CAD + tax

The summer hockey program creates an elite level of fitness for athletes using footwork, sport specific exercise, CrossFit, weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning

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