Crossfit Streets

Laura Peynado

Laura Peynado


Crossfit Level 1 certification

About Laura

Laura loves being active. She discovered Crossfit in her home country, Dominican Republic, in 2014 when her husband Armando insisted she try it since she found the conventional gym quite boring. So when she learned that no day was the same in a Crossfit box she was hooked from the start. She finished 7th in the Crossfit Open 2016 in the Dominican Republic. In June 2016 Laura, her husband and their four-legged baby, #SushiTheJackRussell, moved to Canada from the DR and as soon as they landed they looked up Crossfit boxes. She loved the welcoming coaches and athletes at Crossfit Streets. With a little motivation from friends (wink wink Tarah and Dan) she went for her Level 1 in September.

She has been shadowing, loves learning new things and hopes she can transmit her passion for the sport and what she has been able to achieve because of it to everyone who is willing to try it.

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