Crossfit Streets

Monday Mar 3/14

A) Rope climb 3 by 3 or technique work
B) 3 rounds for reps
1 min AMRAP DU’s
1 min AMRAP Wall ball 20/14
1 min AMRAP Rope climb
Rest 3 min, change order of exercise each round

Great work on Saturday everyone! Once a week for 5 weeks of the year it’s fun to up the intensity juuust a little bit more than you’re used to in regular classes. You may just surprise yourself!

WELCOME Andrew and Lisa Gawley onto the staff full time!! Dan has been holding it down on his own thus far and is welcoming them with big open arms… You will love Andrew and Lisa as they are very approachable, experienced and great trainers who will make you better at CrossFit. Andrew and Lisa will be around in the afternoon, evening and Saturdays moving forward, but not 6am lol. Having Andrew and Lisa on the crew means a lot of positive things, one being added class times and opportunity for more eyes on you as an athlete. Here is what the schedule looks like and you can check the website to see as well

We are keeping the 6am on M/W/F, 12pm M-F and 4/5/6 on M-F. Sat is 8am Open Gym and 9/10am Classes with Sectionals being 10am-12pm. Sunday 10am Yoga.

We have cancelled the 9am class M-F but will add those times once there is a demand. We have not had any interest thus far in the 8am class on Saturdays so we’ll turn that into an Open Gym until there is a demand for a CrossFit class.

1.) New class time: Monday and Wednesday 7pm class.

2.) Our On-Ramp (Intro program) is now up and running for those of you who have friends who want to start at CrossFit Streets. Starts March 3rd and runs every 2 weeks.

3.) Paid Trial Class is on Tuesday at 7pm and Saturday at 8am only.

4.) Yoga is still 10am on Sunday and your first class is free, tell your friends.

5.) Private Training with Andrew or Lisa! and

Please contact us directly for more details.


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