Crossfit Streets

Monday June 25/18

Back Squat

Build to a Heavy Set of 3

“Instep Inferno”

4 Rounds:
400 Meter Run
50 Air Squats

Dr.Dwayne of 3D Health Solutions is going to offer workshops on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm starting in July. This is FREE education. Very valuable. I suggest you try to make it work for your schedule and learn something new/cool.

  • July: Front rack fix – a look at the 3 most important mobility considerations to eliminate pain and improve your front rack position.
  • August: Core concepts – fundamental movements for building a stronger core, so you can save your back while lifting more weight.
  • September: Squats – improving form and function in the “king of exercises”.
  • October: Overhead lifts – mobility drills to improve you overhead position, allowing you to lift more overhead while avoiding injury
  • November: Deadlifts – mobility drills to help build the most functional movement pattern of them all, lifting weight from the ground

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