Crossfit Streets

Monday March 26/18

“Swole Toll”


30 x Double Unders

15 x Front Squat (155/105)

30 x Double Unders

15 x Strict Pull ups

The Open is over…

Well done everyone. You may have done something you haven’t done before. A pull up. A HSPU. An amount of weight or reps you didn’t think you could do… You may have cheered on a friend or peer to pursue their best, become inspired to achieve more .. regardless The Open stress and self inflicted pressure is gone and you can take a big sigh of relief. It was FUN. In hindsight it WAS just a workout. Now it’s time to have some fun for 4-6 weeks, get back to a regular schedule, enjoy the weather and re-lax.

18.5 draw winner and Team winner info coming soon…

We are going to have some more fun in April and you’re coaches are going to take a week of WOD’s for 5 weeks. They will all be posted to the website and so will future workouts. 9:01pm the night before 😉

Week 1 – Brennon (Mar 26 – 31)
Week 2 – Lindsay (Apr 2 – 7)
Week 3 – DJ (Apr 9 – 14)
Week 4 – Laura (Apr 16 – 21)
Week 5 – Dan (Apr 23 – 28)

It will be great and you’ll know who to direct your soreness too each week instead of Castro/CF HQ.

In addition to each coach providing workouts we will also disclose what each coach’s typical day is like.


A day in the life of: Brennon

What do you typically have for breakfast?

– 2 eggs, 1/2 cup egg whites, 2 stripes of tempeh bacon, 2 slices of chia+super grain bread, 2/3 plate veg of choice
– large glass of water
– 2+ cups of coffee
– high dose of fish oil, multi vitamin

What do you typically have for lunch?

– 2-3 talapia fillet, 1/3 cup rice (2/3 cup if after a WOD), 2/3 plate veg of choice
– large glass of water

What do you typically have for dinner?

– fish/egg/tufu, 1/2 sweet potato, 2/3 plate veg of choice
– large glass of water

What do you typically consume after a workout?

– 1 banana, 1 + 1/2 scoops of protein, 1 scoop creatine, 1 pack ener-c

What are your typical snacks?

– protein bars, protein and fruit smoothies, veg and hummus

How much coffee do you have each day?

– 3-6

What do you do before bed to help you sleep?

– 45 min before bed, lights out and take ZMA (zinc, magnesium)

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Why?

– I get as much light exposure as possible. Turn on all lights or have coffee in the sun in the summer months. The light signals your body to wake up.

How often do you WOD? How often do you go all out?

– I will WOD 4-5 times a week depending on how my body feels. I go all out in WODs maybe once a week.

What do you do on rest days?

– I will take the dogs for a longer walk (45-60 min) and/or 30 min of light row or bike with some light stretching afterwards.

What supplements do you take?

– protein, creatine, multi-vitamin, vit-d, magnesium, ener-c, ZMA

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