Crossfit Streets

Monday, October 7/19



Teams of 2

Buy in: 1600m Run (split)

– 34 x Wall Ball (20/14)
– 34 x Cal Row
– 34 x Burpee over Bar
– 34 x Power Clean (135/95)

Today we bring you some news that we’ve been holding onto but now we are sharing publicly in hopes we can all come together as a CrossFit Streets Family; Coach Lindsay Veltman was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. As many of you are aware Lindsay was a big part of our CrossFit Streets growth and core when she lived here in Ontario and a big part of our Streets Community which impacted a lot of you. On Monday October 7th we will WOD all day in honour of Lindsay and her battle.  Lindsay gave birth to her son Bohdi shortly after diagnosis. He is healthy and his big sister Henley is very happy to be a big sister.

No cap on classes all day Monday the 7th in honour of Lindsay and her families battle.

More details to come.

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