Crossfit Streets

Saturday September 30/17

“Lava Run” (30 min cap)

4 Full Lengths Sled Push (45/25)
50 Overhead Squats (45/35)
4 Full Lengths Sled Push
50 Thrusters (45/35)
4 Full Lengths Sled Push
50 Front Squats (45/35)

-> There and back = 1 Full Length.

  • Mon, Oct 2nd is “Journal Check”. 50 Burpee penalty for insufficient journal :0
  • Want Assault Bikes?? Check the white board!!
    • Oct 2 – Dec 2: $1 = 1 Assault Bike Cal for your coach on Dec 2
    • Nov 10: Streets Social
    • Nov 25: In-House Comp
      • Ask us for details 🙂
  • Sat, Nov 4th at 8am: 5KM Run at Streets. Who is in!!? Sign up sheet at the gym on the whiteboard.

Stephanie doing her L-sit’s. How long can YOU hold a L-sit for? Are you working at getting your legs straight? I bet you if you work at these a couples times a week (working towards straight legs or half bent) your back will feel stronger, you will improve with other gymnastics movements and you will see improvements in your overall CrossFit game.

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