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Saturday May 7/16

A) 10 min EMOM 2 Squat Clean and Jerk B) teams of 2 Buy in = AM(seconds)AP in 5 min with your partner: L-sit then, 19 Min AMRAP 7 MU (split) 32 Wall Balls (split) 84 ft. Prowler Pull (each) = 2 length of concrete pad Coach Dan was born May 7th, 1984 and is […]

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Thursday April 28/16

A)  15 min AMRAP Front Rack Walk 2 lengths of Gym Prowler Pull 2 lengths of concrete 10 Weighted Pull-up *move some weight, don’t stress if you have to wait for the sled or KB’s for a few seconds B) Wrist Roles 3 X 2

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Tuesday May 26/15

A) 15 min MU Work Hollow Hold/Transition B)Battle Ropes 4 X 20 sec rest 2.5min rest 5 min Heavy Prowler Pull X 4 (walk rest recover, 1 weight, do not increase)

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Thursday May 7/15

Happy B-Day Coach Dan!!! A) MOB T Spine, LAX on Calf, 5 min Barbell group warm up A)10 min Build to a heavy 2 Snatch B)10 min build to a heavy 2 Clean and Jerk. 0 Failed Reps for both A and B C) Heavy Prowler Pull X 5 * Coach Dan is taking a […]

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