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The Easy Way or The Hard Way

You can do this the Easy way or the Hard way…. what about the right way?

I have been in this industry for eight years now and there are two extremes to people who come into the gym.  Now not everyone falls at one or the other side of the spectrum but you might be one of the ones who do.  And if so this is for you.

One extreme is the person who thinks that because they have a gym membership that should be enough, and if it isn’t what is that magic thing that he or she is missing. They are the ones always asking about the latest pill/drink/device/etc.   They don’t want to change anything else in there life, the fact that they are at the gym is and should be enough.

The other extreme is the one who jumps head first all in.  They immediately want to know what the toughest diet/ workout/ challenge is so they can be the first to conquer it.  They are the ones on the all green and lean diet, doing two a days in the gym.  You see them every day….for a while.

Back to the first group, its great that you got a gym membership, it is a big step and everyone is proud of you.  Some of the research you are reading is probably very good or at least has good intentions.  There probably is a pill you need (fish oil) a drink you are missing (water) and a device you need (Barbell)   But at the end of the day you need to put in the work and make some changes in your life.  And guess what its gonna take some time.  In the end though it will be totally worth it, because guess what, you will be healthy, and dare I say Happy.

If you are in the second group, chill out.  Just cause you joined a Crossfit Gym doesn’t mean you have to be prepping for the CrossFit Games. Games Athletes work out 6 times a day, so what, you don’t.  Most of us are and should be here for our health, and well being and maybe to look a little better naked.  However just the same as the first group it takes some time. Get used to working out once a day as prescribed before asking about two a day’s.  Also the Paleo Diet is great and it does work, but last I checked fruit is Paleo and just cause it has some sugar you are still allowed to eat it.

So here is my challenge to you weather you fall at one side or the other or even in the middle.  Do it the right way.  When I say the right way I mean the way that will work at a healthy speed.  A way that you can see changes so you are encouraged but not such a change that it is unmaintainable.  Take a look at what you are doing and change something, not everything just one or two things, things that are manageable, maybe not easy but manageable.   This might mean adding protein to your breakfast, more water in your day, a serving of vegetables, an extra hour of sleep, an extra 10 min of mobility, or an extra run or row.  Just to name a few.  No not all of them just one or two.

If you aren’t sure where to start, just think back to some of the comments some of the coaches have said to you,  Off the top of my head, Hey ‘insert name here’ doing 10 min of mobility before going home?  If you can’t remember one of these comments, 1. you probably haven’t been listening and 2. ask us!  We are all at different levels and have different goals.  Most people need a more Paleolithic diet, but lets get there in a manageable way, that you can maintain and therefore reap the benefits from.   Jumping on a broccoli and chicken breast diet isn’t a Paleo diet, its a broccoli and chicken breast diet.  And if you want to stop being in pain, just coming to class and hitting a WOD then sneaking out the door isn’t going to do the trick.  Its probably going to lead you to thinking CrossFit isn’t safe cause you aren’t going to get better, you will get worse.  Mobilize, stretch, book a massage, come to Yoga, do something, ask a coach!

So there it is, that’s it, make some changes and reap the benefits from them.

Coach Andrew




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