Crossfit Streets

Thursday, November 29/18

“Tipsy Turvy”

For time

– 180 x Cal Row
– 180 x Plank up
– 180 x Back Extension
– 180 x Front Rack Reverse Lunge Step (95/65)
– 180 x Cal Bike

* Team of 3.
* 35 min cap.

No-No November is almost done!

Suggestion: Don’t over do it when you perhaps choose to re-introduce certain things into your diet. Moderation is key. It’s boring, and restrictive, and requires will power, and it’s not fun, or sexy.. but you get results.. isn’t that what YOU want? Results? If you continue your No-No for the entire month of December; Coach Dan will do 20 Burpees per person who is 100% successful. #honoursystem. December is going to be a push up challenge: 10 push ups a day, every day, for the entire month. The punishment, nothing, the reward, nothing. You have to want to get better at push up for this challenge. Push up improvement will help you with: Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk, Thruster, Snatch, Wall Ball, HSPU, Ring Dip, Burpee……. wow eh!? Let’s do it.

Some guys doing Wall Balls.

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