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CrossFit classes in a clean, tidy and welcoming environment

Looking for CrossFit classes, but feel too intimidated to take that first step? We get it. Just about every gym you’ve ever entered seems to be packed with overly proud muscleheads who make it almost impossible to consider clearing your schedule for a few nights of fitness training. Why bother, right?

Here’s one reason: CrossFit Streets doesn’t work that way. We aren’t interested in building a community of elitist athletes who sneer at anybody above 3% body fat. Instead, we strive to provide a comfortable space for newcomers who just want to set, and meet some personal fitness goals. We operate in an open, welcoming, family-friendly facility that’s clean, hygienic, and community-driven, encouraging individuals of all experience levels to get out there and train the way they want.

Everybody is welcome to our CrossFit classes, where we’ll use a variety of weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditions to improve your 10 General Physical Skills: speed, power, strength, endurance, stamina, accuracy, flexibility, coordination, balance, and agility.

Unleash the beast within and become the fittest possible you!

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Our CrossFit classes are taught by a highly educated training staff you can trust to help you meet your training goals.

We know that taking those first steps towards fitness training can be an overwhelming experience, and the first sign that you’ve put your faith in the wrong trainer could be all you need to tuck that workout gear back in the closet.

Luckily, our CrossFit classes are all run by an extremely educated training staff that’s certified 6 or more times over. They’re also dedicated to helping you meet the personal fitness goals you set for yourself, and will work with you in an encouraging and supportive way.

At CrossFit Streets, we make a point to meet the needs of our members and cater to their concerns. Our flexible schedule works with yours, so you can always find time to train. We also make sure safety is a priority for every participant in our CrossFit classes, and want you to understand that regardless of what shape you think you’re in

CrossFit is not an impossibility – just a challenge.

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