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“I’m looking for CrossFit for beginners. Mississauga gyms that offer it, where are you? Where can I get beginner CrossFit workouts, Mississauga?”

Sound like you? Then you’re looking in the right place.

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CrossFit Streets’ OnRamp Intro. Program

CrossFit Streets helps fresh-faced fitness newbies break into the biggest movement in fitness in recent years with our CrossFit OnRamp Intro Course. Think of it like CrossFit 101: with our 3 classes 3x per week for 3 weeks, you’ll learn the essential movements and material needed for CrossFit at a slower pace and in an encouraging, supportive and fun environment. Combining various types of jumping, throwing, pushing, pulling and squatting, and mobility while also teaching essential nutrition information, we help you meet your fitness goals and get you to the next level of CrossFit training.

OnRamp is hosted on Monday to Thursday evenings from 7-8pm. This course is comprised of 1 Coach to 5 participants and first come first serve, where participants pre-enroll to secure their spot in the OnRamps (1-8) that they need to complete.




Please note that each of these 8 classes must be completed before you will be eligible to move forward with a membership and participate in our CrossFit classes.

Okay, so you offer CrossFit for beginners. Mississauga must have tons of places that do that – what makes you different for beginner CrossFit workouts? Mississauga is a big city after all…

Great question, and we’re glad you asked. Here’s why we’re different than your traditional gym:

  • We welcome anyone and everyone to train. A lot of newcomers to the CrossFit scene feel like they’ll get mocked and made fun of if they try to train anywhere the first few times, but that won’t happen at CrossFit Streets. We’re a welcome, open, fitness community that invites everyone who wants to work towards their health goals to do so in our friendly and supportive environment.
  • We hire only the most educated fitness trainers. The training staff at CrossFit streets is extremely well-educated in fitness, with each member holding at least 6 certifications.
  • We keep our equipment clean- all the time. Another concern that keeps some people away from the gym is the idea of just how clean the facility is. Ours is held to an extremely high standard of hygiene so all of our members can enjoy their workouts without worrying about cleanliness.

Open to everyone, staffed by pros and clean, clean, clean: what more do you need?

If you’re looking for CrossFit for beginners Mississauga, look no further than CrossFit Streets; your home for beginner CrossFit workouts. Mississauga residents can come here to train in a safe, welcoming environment.

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