Crossfit Streets

Tuesday Mar 18/14

For time:
100 DU – 10 MU
80 DU – 8 MU
60 DU – 6 MU
40 DU – 4 MU
20 DU – 2 MU

*take note of your 100 DU time for the March challenge*

Hey Guys, as we posted last week we are going to be introducing a goal setting seminar.  This will be offered to anyone coming out of our On Ramp Program but we wanted to offer the first one to all members.  March 27th at 8 pm, and April 3rd at 1pm. This will be a broad session going over setting goals and an action plan to achieve them. It will touch a few things that will play a role in your success.  This could be beneficial to anyone especially if you have a specific goal you hope to achieve.

Also remember, the first Saturday of every month starting April 5th at 11am is a family WOD.  You and your kids (age 5 and older) get a chance to hit a WOD together.  This will be a great chance to have some fun with your kids!

Lastly, starting in April, every Saturday at 11am we are going to be doing the 1 hour session on a movement, lift or skill for a $10 drop in fee.  We will let you know in advance what we will be working on.

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