Crossfit Streets

Wednesday July 26/17

WOD: Did you call me a jerk? How many lives does a cat have?

A re-post from last Wednesday.

Hi everyone, we are trying to build and develop a strong community over time at the gym. It’s happening! and is a great feeling for many reasons for many of us. One way to contribute to building a strong community is to NOT clean up your equipment when another member is wrapping up their WOD. Instead, give them a cheer, count for them, just be there. If you really have to leave the class for work, kids etc then leave, we will clean up your equipment after you…. the act and visual impact of cleaning up your equipment when someone else is still finishing their workout is negative and makes that person feel brutal. Stick around, cheer them on. Time after time, experience after experience, you build trust, relationships, memories, community….. friendships takes time to form… the good stuff.. the real support… It matters as much as anything else matters in life.

If you went so hard and fast in your WOD that you finished early you probably need the break anyways. When everyone is done then it’s time to spray and wipe your pull up bar, barbell etc and put it back where it belongs 😉

Thanks a lot

Coach Dan