Crossfit Streets

Wednesday March 21/18

Did you know that after The Open we have a couple programs being offered? CHECK THE BOARD IN THE LOBBY.. like once? Please?

  • Cardio Club with Coach DJ and Dan

    • Sunday at 9:30am and Thursday at 8pm for 9 weeks.
    • Starts April 1.
    • Min 5 people, max 12.
    • Email for info!
    • Sign up sheet is in the lobby.
  • Strongman with Coach Brennon
    • May 5, 12, 19, 26 from 12-1pm
    • Moving heavy, odd and awkward objects
    • Tires, Weighted Carries, Sleds and more.
    • Ask or email for info.
  • CrossFit Classes “Committed Club” with you

    • you at !
  • Trial Class with Coach Laura on Tuesday at 6pm.
  • OnRamp with Coach DJ

  • MamaFit with Coach Lindsay

  • Private Training
      • Olympic Lifting
      • Gymnastics
      • Adventure Race Training (Hill sprints in May)

See picture? This is where you can find out about fun stuff going on at Streets. Engage. 

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