Crossfit Streets

Wednesday May 7/14

Happy Birthday Dan!
A1) Bench Prdaness 5 X 3 – 8 (60 sec rest)
A2) Pullup 5 X 3 – 8 (60 sec rest)
(15 minute cap)
B)Dan’s Birthday Workout “BOO YA”
30 min EMOM
1st min 2 Rope Climb
2nd min 10 High Box Jump
3rd min 15 Wall Ball 20/14
C) 2 X 10 T’s, Y’s U’s
D) AMCAP (as many calories as possible) of cake and beer.  (no time cap)
*Reminder* Bring your friends tomorrow at 7pm for a Wod at a drop in rate. Let them see what we are all about.  Also stick around for Yoga at 8pm tomorrow after the Wod.
*Fitness test Sat at 9am starts with a max Clean and Jerk*  BOO YA!!!

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